These are various projects I've worked on over the years.
Some programming related, some not so much.


September 2023

EatsHit was an easier way to view dining hall menus for Michigan Tech. I was frustrated with the current DineOnCampus system for viewing menus, so I created this hoping to make that experience faster and more reliable. Now shut down.

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MKWii Qumu Music Pack

July 2023

A custom music pack for Mario Kart Wii comprised entirely of Qumu remixes. I've been listening to their remixes for a while now, and since there are already two of Mario Kart Wii songs, I figured I would fill in the rest. Can be played on CTGP-R as well as Dolphin Emulator. Huge thanks to Qumu for giving me permission to release this publicly.

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September 2022

A DVD Screensaver written using pyglet. Has a few nice text transitions and was run every time I left my computer alone for a period of time. Also was the first project I shared on GitHub.

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SMI Tools

August 2022

A backend utility built to process registrations and payments for my current employer, SMI Medical. In development since August of 2022, and in use since November of 2022. Able to handle batch registrations, renewal reminder emails, and complete with an auto-updating system. Written using PyQt5.

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Rainmeter qBittorrent Viewer

July 2022

A Rainmeter skin for viewing information from your qBittorrent server. Not the most user-friendly as it was designed for only two people to use. Complete with drop-down menus for sorting and filtering, along with auto-reconnect and an upload-speed inhibiting system designed to reduce upload traffic when other services are using upload.

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